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HiveMentor is personal  mentorship and group accountability for online business owners with a growth mindset. HiveMentor will connect you to starting entrepreneurs just like you at one point who would love your guidance.

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Hivementor Mentorship Program: Become a Mentor

Personal mentorship for online business owners with a growth mindset. HiveMentor will connect mentors to entrepreneurs with a growth mindset to get them to the next level. Mentors provide their support for reasons mostly of mutual benefit, for a sense of positive contribution to a growing business and expanding their professional network. Become a mentor to upgrade your skills with new challenges. Through monthly (or bi-weekly) coaching we help them to strive and grow exponentially.
Mentoring other business owners is so much more than sharing knowledge, giving advice and discussing insights. The relationship offers reciprocal benefits for mentors willing to invest helping less experienced business owners develop (new) skills and expand their horizon running their business. And of course having the personal satisfaction of sharing your experience with someone who is willing to grow and try new things. Being involved in mentoring also provides benefits for mentors professionally.

As a mentor you:

  • Guide other entrepreneurs
  • Staying in touch with the field (and learn about new fields)
  • Receiving much recognition for your experience
  • Giving back after years of developing your skills
  • Bigger international network opportunities
  • Get recognition as a subject matter expert and leader in your field
  • Receive exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and strategies
  • Extend your professional development
  • Get the opportunity to reflect on your own goals and practices
  • Develop your personal leadership and coaching styles
  • Have experience (12 months minimum)
  • Native or bi lingual English (speaking and writing)
  • Have a enthusing personality
  • Are punctual and keeps appointments 
  • Are available for about 6-8 hours a month

You have a wealth of knowledge, skills, strategies and contacts your are willing to share with your peers or less experienced. As successful business people, you understand the challenges they face as a business owner or leader/CEO of your organization.

By providing impartial insights, you as a mentor encourage the mentees to look at their business or organisation with a fresh perspective. Sometimes, this is all that’s needed to identify opportunities for growth. You only win when they win.

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